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Overview of our one-time services

Social Media Competitive Analysis and Audit

Sacramento Marketing Labs will perform a comprehensive, quantitative and qualitative analysis of how the client compares against its competitors from a social media perspective. We’ll identify opportunities for improvement, complete with suggestions and recommendations.

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Social Media Brand Setup

We create accounts on the appropriate social networks for clients including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp, FourSquare and others.

Create Customized Avatars, Pages and Apps

We design avatars and/or pages on the chosen social networks to match the client’s existing brand and personality. We also develop custom Facebook applications for advertising campaign landing pages, and contests/promotions.

Training & Consulting

We will provide full training on implementing recommendations and strategy. We offer one-on-one or group consulting to educate your team on the basics of modern social media and digital marketing tactics.

Overview of our ongoing services

Reputation Management

A client will have the ability to manage their social presence once the setup is complete. If they prefer, however, you (the agency), or SML will handle all updates, engagement and reporting for their social media accounts based on an established social media strategy.

Facebook Parent-Child Claiming

This is the process of organizing of a brand’s Facebook Locations structure. We do this primarily for multi-location businesses or franchises that want to establish a local Facebook presence for each store while maintaining brand consistency and control. Think about it as cleaning up and gaining control of user-created pages.

Social Media Monitoring

Our team of community managers continuously monitors multiple social networks to inform your clients as to what is being said about their brand and their company. We measure sentiment and provide comprehensive reports on analytics that provide data to learn how their social media efforts are performing.

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